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Why You Should Buy Vegan Gifts

Why You Should Buy Vegan Gifts

Our selection of vegan gifts has something for everyone. Whether you're a vegan or are simply buying for a vegan friend, kudos to you! Buying vegan gifts is just another way to make a small vegan-friendly change in your life. Our vegan items are crafted from cruelty free materials with no animal byproducts. Not only are you helping animals by shopping vegan, you're helping the environment, and saving money a lot of the time too!

Need a little more convincing as to why should you buy vegan gifts? Let us break it down for you!

First and foremost, our vegan gift items are also cruelty free. This means that the materials used to create them contain no animal byproducts, AND no animals were harmed to test any of the materials used to create our items. This is extremely important, because not all vegan items out are also cruelty free (and vice versa). Rest assured when you buy a vegan item from Modern Monogram, you're getting a 100% cruelty free product.

Vegan products (not just foods), are also great for the environment. No animal byproducts = no energy or resources used to rear those animals before they were slaughtered to create the gift item you're shopping for. Did you know that veganism also conserves water? Think about it: cows need water to drink. Whether you're eating meat or buying a leather product, the livestock that created your product drank a TON of water! These animals can also pollute fresh water when drinking from it (not to mention soil and air pollution, too).

Finally, buying vegan saves you money. You'll find that products crafted from vegan materials are cheaper than their real counterparts. For example, consider anything crafted from faux leather: faux leather is cheaper to make simply because it does not require the resources used to raise livestock for leather. Our faux leather gifts are crafted from the utmost quality -- you won't even notice the difference.

You might be thinking, "well, I'm not vegan, so there's no point in buying a vegan gift." But there is! By simply making the choice to buy a vegan product, you're making HUGE dent in the awful reality of the animal industry. That's one less animal who died to create a leather clutch or fur jacket.

With that being said, do you really need any more convincing to buy our vegan gifts? We didn't think so :) And if you do, we thank you for making a small choice that helps animals and our planet!

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