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Travel Essentials You Need in Your Dopp Kit

Travel Essentials You Need in Your Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit seems like a nifty, new, trendy word that everyone is using these days for a great gift for the guys on your shopping list.  But Dopp Kits aren't a newfound fashion trend in men's travel must haves.  Dopp Kits have been around since the early 1900's but they are more commonly known as men's toiletry bags.  However, recently manufacturers have upped their Dopp Kit game by crafting bags made of fabulous materials in modern style. 

There is no reason you need your entire bathroom cabinet's worth of full sized products when you’re going away for a long weekend. This is where your Dopp Kit comes in handy - simply keep it packed with small sizes of your favorite toiletry items and grab and go for those spontaneous, spur of the moment weekend getaways.

If you keep it fully-packed at all times, you can just throw it in your backpack and go. This is the wow factor of a dopp kit: it fits neatly in your backpack, staying easily accessible and not taking up a ton of space or weighing you down.

But what travel essentials should you pack in your Dopp Kit? Here is everything you need:

  1. Your toothbrush - pick up a travel sized toothbrush or an ultrasonic one like Quip of Pop Sonic and keep it stashed in your bag for future trips.
  2. A small toothpaste & floss - you can't keep those pearly whites fresh without them.
  3. Dry shampoo or travel sized shampoo - dry shampoo is great to freshen up when you don't have access to a shower, like if you're stuck in an airport overnight.  You should keep a bottle of your favorite shampoo too if you are particular on this.
  4. Body wash or soap - of course a hotel will have soap, but if you're particular about what you use, you'll want to pack this.
  5. Shave oil or cream - if you're planning on freshening up during you're stay you'll need something to help you shave.
  6. A razor - keep in mind straight edge razors can not be carried onto an airplane, the blades are not compliant.  So if you plan on throwing this into a carry on, take a simple toss away razor with you.
  7. Deodorant - They make travel sizes. And if yours doesn't come in a travel size, pack a full size.  Don't smell bad.
  8. Cologne - Stop by the counters in a department store and ask if they have sample sizes.  Pack one.  It's not needed or essential, but if you use cologne, grab a small spray to pack in the kit.
  9. A comb, chap stick, band-aids, tylenol or advil - these are simple essentials you need "just in case".
  10. Phone charger - you won't have to worry about packing your charger if you keep a spare one in here. 

Is there anything else you would need for your toiletry case? Buy travel sizes and keep them on hand and ready to go for your next adventure.

Looking for Dopp Kits to fit your travel essentials? Be sure to check out our selection of Dopp Kits that are perfect for your next trip.  Adventure awaits.  Don't let packing stop you from getting where you are going!

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  • Erica Tevis
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