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How to Stylize the Perfect Bar Cart

How to Stylize the Perfect Bar Cart

If you've ever wanted a home bar, but don't have the space for one, fear not -- because we're going to show you how to stylize the perfect bar cart.

Bar carts are so trendy: when styled properly, they're aesthetically appealing, shouldn't take up too much visual space in your room, and will work even in the smallest spaces.

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Step 1: Find the best location for your bar cart. Choose a spot close to your usual entertainment space (mine is located in my dining room, which is where we always end up hanging out when guests come over). I suggest a place where you have some open wall behind it as well, because bar carts look so polished when you can create a backdrop for it, with a sign, mirror, or some other decor.

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Step 2: Chose your bar cart. Furniture stores like Home Depot and Wayfair sell them, or you can try your luck at Home Goods. You can use a small shelf or cabinet if you're not fond of the cart style, or even hang floating shelves and use that as your bar. Find something that you really love that also fits in the space it'll be occupying. Don't buy anything that's too big or bulky. Remember that you don't need too much; you'll only want space for the essentials.

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Step 3: Decide what glassware supplies you'll need for your bar cart. Do you mostly drink wine or are you an 'on the rocks' drinker or always mixing up something new? If you're not sure, great rule of thumb is: 4-8 wine glasses / 4-8 low ball or rocks glasses / 2-4 high ball or tall glasses. The amount of glasses will depend on how much space you have and how many people you usually have over. To make more room for glassware, purchase a cart with a wine rack underneath the top shelf so you can hang glasses -- you can also buy one and attach it separately (I got mine at IKEA, and Amazon has many as well).

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Step 4: Stock your bar. Buy your favorite bottles (or host a party so guests bring you some!). If you want to have a little bit of everything, you can purchase the smaller bottles of liquor (many have one size smaller than their 'standard' size). Be sure to grab any other supplies you might need, like an ice bucket, straws, cocktail napkins, a martini shaker, or even a fancy decanter for your whiskey.

Our Personalized Home Bar Sign

Step 5: Decorate your bar cart. Now that you have all of the essentials, it's time to find one or two pieces of decor to accent your home bar! If you chose a spot where you have some wall space behind your bar, you can hang a mirror or a sign above it -- our Personalized Home Bar Sign is chalkboard, so you can write in all of the cocktails that are on the menu! You can also decorate the cart itself with little string lights, a small statue, even a little plant.

And that's it! Enjoy your wonderful new bar space, and make sure you invite your friends over to break into those new bottles! Be sure to check out all of our home bar supplies to find other supplies you'll love for your bar space, like bottle openers, personalized wine glasses, and more.

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